Brendan O'Connell
February 23, 2024

Hope Renewed

In the summer of 2022, a single mother with two children whom we will call “Maggie” was desperate to find housing. She had been unhoused for over a year. Aside from the stress of being unhoused, she was dealing with severe health issues and battling an aggressive form of Cancer. She was on a fixed income and unable to work, which led to countless denials for housing. Even with the support of Partners in Housing Solutions, Maggie’s situation was incredibly difficult. She often expressed being afraid of losing her battle without having found a home for her children. Without a stable place to live, Maggie was not getting the proper health care and help she needed.

Partners in Housing Solutions tapped into all the resources we could and helped her get connected to long-term financial housing support designated for people with disabilities. Soon after, we located a compassionate property owner who after meeting Maggie immediately approved her for one of their rentals.

Since becoming housed, Maggie has been able to focus on her health. She was able to secure an in-home caregiver, which was only allowable once she had a permanent home. Additionally, she was connected to basic needs assistance and other community resources designated to help her children succeed in school.

Maggie has been housed for over a year now and maintains a great relationship with the property owner. She continues fighting her health battle but has the support she needs. She now has two in-home caregivers that provide 24-hour care. Her family is able to visit her and help her take care of her children. Most importantly, when she became housed, Maggie had a renewed sense of hope.

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