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From its birth, Partners in Housing Solutions has truly been a community effort. From providing critical funding, long-term volunteer support and practical resources, the backing of our community family allows us to do what we do.

  • Corporations can help
  • Faith-based organizations can help
  • Foundations can help
  • Families can help
  • Individuals can help

Everyone can help

Community Partners in Housing

Our community housing initiatives are supported by donors like you. Consider helping today.

  • Montecito Bank & Trust
  • Ann Jackson Family Foundation
  • Roy & Ida Eagle Foundation
  • American Riviera Bank
  • Union Bank
  • The Towbes Group
  • The Charitable Foundation
  • Mark & Dororthy Smith Family Foundation
  • Santa Barbara Foundation
  • City of Santa Barbara

Help house our Community

A donation from you goes a long way to helping give housing to those most in need. We thank you for your generous contribution.